…a rainbow in your hands…

All of us at Kanhai, have this strong connect with nature, the depth, the patterns, the moods, the colours, its amazing grace and simple complexity… So, it was not surprising that when, in 1998, we started down the creative road exporting colourful Christmas ornaments to countries such as the US, Brazil, Germany, France, U.K. and Thailand, this is what found expression.

We create gifts – beautiful gifts you’ll want to buy for yourself as much as you’ll want to give someone else – playful butterflies to adorn your fridge, vivid ladybirds to hold messages at your workstation, and delicate flowers to tie back curtains. There are dragonflies that settle on your book to mark your place and bees to hum with pleasure when you stir your drink – all infused with an almost childlike joy that seemed to flow naturally and almost unconsciously into all that we make.

That’s because we love creating unusual gifts; love creating them for you. We thoroughly enjoy interpreting the wonder of life with materials as wide ranging as glass beads, acrylic, wire, sequins, ribbons, wool, fabric, felt, dori… techniques varied as stitching, embroidery, crochet to hi-tech laser cutting. And why not? Creativity is as boundless as nature and we don’t believe in limiting ourselves.

Especially when it comes to achieving our objective, which is speaking to you, interacting with you; warming your heart and brightening your smile each and every day, whenever you see anything created, crafted and packaged by Kanhai for
… a corner of your home or a friend’s heart.

A sneak peak into our workshop, where all our Kanhai products are thought of and brought to life, to help you realize your house into that wonderful space you've always imagined it to be!