Blooming Perch Light
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Blooming Perch Light
Enjoy the blossoming flowers, fluttering butterflies, buzzing bees and hovering dragonflies.Take home the sunny glow of the summer and unwind under the gentleness of this light.This gorgeous decorative light can brighten up any space with its colors, sparkle and very ethereal beauty. It can bring the garden into the house or bring rainbow into the garden. Each handcrafted piece is unique with a unusual combination of motifs made with glass, acrylic beads and metal wire.When lit up the effect is magical creating a diaspora of colours and an ever changing visual. Even during the day it catches sunlight transforming into a dynamic element of decor. This Light can be hung from the ceiling suspended from a wall( with a bracket) or placed on a flat surface. Available in other exciting shapes!
SIZE: 12" x 12" X 18"
MATERIAL: Acrylic Beads, Glass Beads, SS wire, Brass wire, SS chain