Kanhai handicrafts have an adventurous life of their own. From conception to finish every step of the way is a story in itself. We at Kanhai go to great lengths, designs that have form and form that follow a function. Our designs are born in creative and rich details.

Our handicraft fabrications have a secret – the human touch is our stroke of artistic genius. That is not all, we aim for perfection. Blending human inspiration with modern tools to create finished products are our happy accidents. We constantly strive and perfect our products.

Frames and fabrics travel from artists to fabrication shops. The journeys criss-cross like rolling stones that gather no moss but alas – the poetic materials are dramatic. Random acts of disappearances and miraculous recoveries gets us wondering about our magical handicrafts.

Rest assured Kanhai line of products go places to our clienteles, at homes, offices and businesses and keep our art for the appreciative eye just a glance away, they let your imagination go “there and back again”