Nature’s beauties are inspirations for life. Bugs, bees, flowers are our inspired classics.

Da Vinci’s designs on Dragon fly inspired gliders and the famous “Flight of the Bumble Bee” score on the piano are timeless artistic masterpieces. We at Kanhai have an inspired collection of bugs, bees and flowers – all the more reason for natures art for the home and office indoor decor.

An eye for beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Kanhais bugs, bees and flowers at Greater Noida export fair were a riot of colors – perfect blends of handicraft, adorned on tree branches for display and appreciation. Sure enough in little time our hand crafted flowers were curiously inspected by a Dragon fly. As a testament to our art work the Dragon fly landed on one of our flowers and spent a few restful moments for a closer touch and feel. A break from the mundane and more than ordinary art is a great motif for nature all like.We were happy to be appreciated for our craftsmanship. Thank you nature for always being so inspiring and encouraging!